WPOA Pool Operating Plan/FAQ’s-Phase 3- Revised July 10, 2020

COVID 19 Operating Changes:

  • Owners and guests are prohibited from using the facility if they are sick, have tested positive for COVID 19 or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive in the last 14 days.
  • During Phase 3, pool occupancy will be limited to 75% capacity, taking into account the 10ft social distancing restrictions. This will allow a maximum of 29 persons at Rodes Farm and 42 persons at Chestnut Springs (more details below)
  • Use of pool pavilion areas will be limited to a max of 15 persons at any one time.
  • Access will be limited to owners and accompanied guests only. No unaccompanied guests will be allowed to enter the pool facility. 
  • Owners will be allowed to bring up to 3 accompanied guests per household
  • Owners will be required to show WPOA issued Pool Passes & photo identification
  • Everyone using the facility will be required to answer health screening questions, sign in acknowledging the risks and agreeing to rules.
  • Owners are encouraged to bring their own pool furniture. 10ft social distancing will require removal of most of the lounges, tables, and chairs normally available.
  • Owners and accompanied guests electing to use shared pool furniture, do so at their own risk.
  • Owners and accompanied guests will be provided hand sanitizing liquid at entrances, exits, and outside restroom areas.
  • Owners will oversee their own social distancing and communal pool toys will not be allowed.
  • No touch trash cans, stop the spread, social distancing and other signage will be deployed

Pool Hours & Sessions:

  • Pools will operate daily from 10am until 6pm. Operating hours will be broken into 4 swim sessions
  • 10-11:45am, 12-1:45pm, 2-3:45pm, 4-5:45pm (4 sessions per day)
  • 15-minute breaks between sessions will allow previous session to exit the pool area while staff sanitize surfaces between sessions – bathrooms, tables, chairs, etc.

Check-in Process

  • Staff will operate a check-in table at the entrance of each pool
  • All pool participants will be pre-screened for COVID 19 symptoms prior to admittance
  • Staff at check-in will function behind a plexiglass partition

Reservation Process:

  • Owners wanting to reserve a spot during a swim session can stop by either pool facility during operating hours and reserve a time. Owners who live outside of Wintergreen can call either the Chestnut Springs Pool (434) 325-2200 ext 9303 or Rodes Farm Pool (434) 818-0814 to reserve a time during their upcoming visit.
  • The list of owners who have reserved a session will be maintained in a reservation “book” at each pool
  • The reservation book will include future dates, allowing owners to sign up for a pool session up to 7 days in advance. If the occupancy restrictions change, the number of persons allowed in will change and the sign-up sheets will be adjusted accordingly.

Enforcement of Rules:

  • Owners who fail to follow the rules will be reminded of the rules. Owners who repeatedly fail to follow the rules, will be asked to leave the facility and risk losing pool access for their household for the remainder of the swimming season.

2020 pool operating FAQ’s – PHASE 3

Why are the pools operating in sessions and not open first come, first served?

Pools are being allowed to open for “free swim” use with mandatory operating requirements.  These requirements include limiting the number of pool participants, implementing a larger 10ft social distancing requirement, cleaning between use, health screening checks, and more.  Operating in a session format will force a regular managed turnover in pool occupants, should allow more owners a chance to use the pool and allows WPOA clean and sanitize surfaces every 2 hours and between use.

Do we need to bring our own chairs?

Yes.  WPOA will be providing a very limited amount of shared seating and this seating will be sprayed with a sanitizing liquid between sessions.  Shared furniture can pose a health risk, owners who elect to use shared furniture do so at their own risk.  Rather than take chances, purchase a folding chair and bring it with you.

Do we have to wear mask?

While the rules for reopening pools do not require masks while actively swimming, masks are to be worn whenever we encounter persons not from our household.  Masks are most important when entering and exiting the facility and when inside a shared space like the bathrooms.

Will the pools have Lifeguards?

The closure of businesses impacted new lifeguard certification and re-certification.  Most of our returning guards have worked through the recert process or have certification extensions.  The additional duties required under Phase 3 necessitated WPOA hiring additional staff to serve as pool attendants.  In situations where the Lifeguards are required to do new COVID 19 related tasks or take breaks, owners and guests will be alerted to the change in guard status.

WPOA is required to “screen patrons for COVID 19 symptoms prior to entry”.  What does this entail?

We will be asking owners and their accompanied guests a series of questions related to COVID 19.  Are any of you currently experiencing:

  • A fever (above 100.4F) or a sense of having a fever?
  • A new cough or shortness of breath that cannot be attributed to another health condition?
  • Chills, sore throat, or new muscle aches that cannot be attributed to another health condition?

Owners and accompanied guests experiencing any of these symptoms are prohibited from using any WPOA facility.

Why is WPOA limiting owners to only 3 accompanied guests per household?

Prior to COVID 19, WPOA pools were often over capacity.  10ft social distancing and a dramatic drop in pool occupancy is not going to improve our situation.  Limiting the number of guests and restricting the length of time owners can use the pool should increase our chances of accommodating everyone wanting to swim.  Is this an exact science?  Not at all.  If we are unable to satisfy owner use, we may further limit guests to make more room for owners.  If pools are not at capacity on a regular basis, increasing the number of accompanied guests could be warranted.

Why are we restricting unaccompanied guest use?

Our primary goal is to satisfy the needs of property owners.  We think we can accommodate owner demand and a limited number (3) of accompanied guests.  If pool use is less than expected or occupancy restrictions are lifted by the State, we may allow unaccompanied guests.

Are kids considered guests of owners?

Depends on their age and if they are dependents.  WPOA recognizes “owner” is not just the adults on the deed and extends owner benefits to school age dependents.  Example – family of 4 (2 parents & 2 dependents) are allowed to swim as “owners”.  Adult kids of owners and grandkids would be counted as guests.

Why is WPOA limiting how often owners can use the pools and how far out we can reserve a spot?

Math and fairness.  With over 3,700 households eligible to use our 2 pools, and pool occupancy reduced significantly, our chances of accommodating everyone wanting to swim is low.  Allowing an owner to swim everyday will keep other owners from swimming occasionally.  Our situation warrants a little sacrifice so all owners benefit.

What happens if I do not show up for my reserved session?

Failure to show up for your session keeps other owners from taking your spot.  If you are unable to make your reservation, please contact the pool facility so that we can accommodate another owner.  Owners who repeatedly no show for their reserved swim sessions risk losing pool benefits.

Are these restrictions set in stone?

No.  COVID 19 has turned everything upside down and no 2 weeks are the same.  If Virginia moves into Phase 4, that might allow increased capacity, additional guests, etc.  A spike in COVID 19 cases could prompt Virginia to impose additional restrictions.

Why not just keep the pools closed?

Good question and one we have been wrestling with for months.  All of us want things to return to normal and everyone is searching for things to do outside to occupy our time.  Rather than “punt” we are trying to put in place a plan that has a high chance of success, meets the needs of most owners, satisfies State requirements, and keeps everyone safe.  Success depends on everyone embracing the challenge and accepting the operating plan.

How can owners support the effort?

Please follow the rules and be patient as we work through unexpected issues.  Please arrive and depart promptly so we can clean the facility and get ready for the next group.  Last but not least, please be courteous and support the pool staff.