A follow-up letter on behalf of Bruce Henderson and Hank Gibb regarding AQUA VA rate increase petition:

To Aqua Wintergreen Customers:

As you all know Aqua is proposing substantial rate increases, which could appear on your bills as
early as February . These increases would not be permanent until after a State Corporation
Commission meeting in late April. Therefore, any increases you pay are subject to reimbursement
should the increase not be approved.

We have been and are currently doing research into the matter of the increases and have prepared
the attached summary document (Protest Letter) asking for denial of increases on our small water /sewer utility.
This letter is a summation of a longer document also to be submitted to the Commission.
We would like you all to read this document and provide us you thoughts and comments so we can
finalize this, which will serve as our/your protest to the proposed actions.

Currently, we are working on the best way to get Aqua customer signatures on this and the protest
recorded. The more customer signatures we can get on this, the more weight it will have with the
Commission. We are hoping for all 400 customers. Last time (Dec 2016), we had about 300 of 400
customers protest. These protests along with other factors were enough to get the 2016 rate
increase request withdrawn.

Sometime next week we should know the best way to submit our protest and will be asking you again
for your protest assistance as an individual Aqua customer. This will be the subject of another
notification like this with instructions.

Should you have any questions, please advise – email is preferred

Bruce and Hank

Protest Letter

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