A Message to Property Owners Regarding A.C.P.: 3/17/18


WPOA provided the following statement to the media today:

Wintergreen Property Owners Association (WPOA) has repeatedly and publicly opposed the location of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the negative impacts it has on our community. We are grateful for the local and regional support received from groups like Friends of Wintergreen and Friends of Nelson County.  Raising awareness through peaceful, grass roots efforts helps protect all of us, our natural resources, and most importantly, builds strong communities during trying times.

WPOA respects citizens’ legal rights to peacefully assemble and voice opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  We are firmly committed to keeping our community safe and thriving by sharing our concerns at every level of government and holding Dominion accountable for the taking of our protected open space.  WPOA will insist upon just compensation, fair treatment, and security for our community and the areas surrounding Wintergreen.  

Curtis, Dennis and I were onsite and the event concluded without incident.  I am headed out and hope you have a great weekend.

Jay Roberts

Executive Director

Wintergreen Property Owners Association

(434) 325-8531