Aqua Rate Increase Update from Hank Gibb and Bruce Henderson




Attached below (included as a link), is a summary of a proposed rate increase by Aqua.  This impacts those WPOA members in Stoney Creek, receiving their water and/or water and sewer service from Aqua Virginia.  Please take the time to read the summary or the notification attached to your last bill.   This increase should not go unchallenged, although we doubt that we can completely forestall it; our community efforts could, to some degree, mitigate and or revise lower the proposed increase. Another reason to challenge is to make sure they know we are paying attention and we will continue to create a file for future reference.  This is something the SCC looks for in rate increase requests.

Area’s we might challenge:

  1. The size of the increase relative to inflation.
  2. Elimination of their request for Covid expense coverage– all suffered in one way or another, why should we have to make Aqua whole for their Covid expenses. (Most of which seem to be customer waive payments, late charges, reconnection fees and legal fees generated by individual customers somewhere in the Virginia system.)
  3. What are the major areas of capital and maintenance expense creating upward rate pressure?
  4. Aqua’s stated need for some rate increase due to a need to invest in or investments they have made in computerization (information technology assets) for operational efficiency. One would submit that no firm would make such investments unless it saves the firm money (e.g. Operational efficiency), thus reducing the need for increases.

There are two ways Aqua customers can be heard on this issue: (1) as a respondent—this requires legal representation and (2) as an interested party.  Since there is no money for attorney’s fees, we are limited to number (2), an interested party response.

To put a response together we welcome any others who wish to volunteer in this effort.  For example some of the things required may be: analysis of the filing and attachments, research into precedent and prior rate cases, contact other water companies, writing, proof reading, mailing, legal assistance.

You may send comments, thought and suggestions to either Hank Gibb ( or Bruce Henderson (