AQUA WINTERGREEN CUSTOMER PROTEST: Click here for more information and to submit your official protest

Aqua Friends and Neighbors:

The time has come for us to protest Aqua Virginia’s proposed rate and rate structure increases and the impact on us.  Remember-water up 49%/ sewer up 48%.

Should you require additional information in order to make an informed decision regarding protesting the proposed rate increases go to WPOA’s website CLICK HERE.  On the site there is research collected by Hank Gibb and Bruce Henderson as well as the summary protest Letter, previously distributed.

If you want to protest the proposed Aqua rate increases CLICK HERE and fill out the form that appears.  Then CLICK SEND and your completed Protest form letter form will go to Hank and Bruce who will bundle the individual household protests and ensure they are entered into the Virginia State Corporation (SCC) electronic filing system.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that we get as many property owners as possible to send in their protests. More protests get more favorable attention from the SCC and give us a fighting chance to have the proposed rate increases denied or significantly reduced.  Time is of the essence, in other words “the sooner the better”.

Should you have additional questions, please contact Hank Gibb or Bruce Henderson.