COVID-19 Update 4 April 2, 2020

Wintergreen Owners:  

To minimize emails to owners, these weekly updates include public safety updates as well as WPOA general updates.   

From Executive Director Roberts: 

The WPOA offices remain closed to walk-in traffic.  Please send an email or call WPOA for assistance.  If we are unable to address your needs remotely, we will identify a time to meet one on one.   

Approximately 6 WPOA employees participated in EVOC (emergency vehicle operating) training this week.  This is our first step toward being able to support Wintergreen Fire and Rescue during this critical time.  In the coming weeks, additional staff will be trained.     

WPOA Roads Maintenance, Landscaping and Facilities Operations continue to serve the community.  Our need to-do and want to-do lists are being scrutinized, along with how we approach the work.  Keeping our community functioning well and looking good is important.   

Our Spring paving and surface treatment work is right around the corner.  As of today, the valley community could see road related improvements beginning around the middle of April.  We will provide additional information on this work in next week’s update.      

The Ravens Roost Overlook will be closed for renovations starting Monday April 6th .  If all goes well, we anticipate re-opening this overlook in May.  Weather and COVID 19 could impact this project.  We will provide regular updates over the next few weeks.    

Tuckahoe School will remain closed through April 17th.  We will re-evaluate the need to keep this facility closed on a week by week basis and use these updates to keep you informed.   

The Rodes Farm Tennis Courts will close beginning Saturday April 4th .  The length of closure will depend on the status of COVID 19 in our area, Executive Orders issued by Governor Northam, CDC, VDH, etc.   WPOA’s inability to control both the access to and the appropriate use of these courts warrants a temporary closure.   Like Tuckahoe School, we will provide updates each week about the status of these courts. 

Like all of you, WPOA is adapting to constantly changing conditions.  No two days are the same.  For WPOA to be successful, it must remain fully engaged in the moment and flexible in dealing with the unexpected.   The “unknown” will continue to require sacrifice and understanding from everyone.  Thanks again for your support. 

 From Chief Sheets  

The number of confirmed Virginia cases has risen from 500 last week to over 2000 today.  15% of Virginians testing positive have been hospitalized and 3% have died. We have at least one case within Wintergreen.  There are 40 cases in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area.  Checking the online maps to see where the cases are and aren’t is no longer useful.  We should all assume we need to protect ourselves where we live. 

The past week has been confusing at best.  We went from needing to shelter at home through the end of April to needing to get the Country back to normal by Easter to regional reopening based upon case count, to full closure through the end of April, and now through June 10.  These sorts of mixed messages are generally not helpful and add to overall stress.  If you would like to ignore your TVs for a while, all you need to do is read the first sentence of my report each week.  Since day one I have been including “week over week” stats so you can recognize the trendline and make appropriate decisions.  When the number of new cases reported are declining steeply, it will be your signal that life is returning to normal.  Sadly, we have quite a way to go.   

If you dial 911, it’s imperative that you answer all screening questions asked by the dispatcher as accurately as possible.  We don’t have enough PPE to protect ourselves on every call.  Partial or inaccurate disclosure to the dispatcher during screening could place our staff in harm’s way.  We have already had two situations where the 911 caller purposefully provided false information out of fear that the ambulance would not respond if truthful answers were given.  That’s not how it works.  If you dial 911, we’re coming.  The answers you provide will help crews determine how much PPE to don before entering your home.   

We have not received any additional PPE from the government or our vendors.  We believe we have a supply which will last us 2-3 weeks, and we remain hopeful that the supply chain will be restored.  We’re still accepting donated masks in the foyer of our stations.  Several people in our community are busy sewing masks, just in case we need them.  I’m beginning to believe we will.  If any of you have 3D printers, I’d be interested in speaking with you. 

There are several volunteers ready to assist community residents needing assistance with minor tasks.  See “COVID Update 2” for a list of services and contact information. 

The best overall clearing house for Coronavirus info remains 

In closing, I’d like to suggest you focus on this statistic; globally over 900,000 people have contracted Coronavirus and fully recovered.  97% of Covid patients survive.