COVID-19 Update 5 April 10, 2020

Wintergreen Owners:

To minimize emails to owners, these weekly updates include public safety updates as well as WPOA general updates.

From Executive Director Roberts:

Reminder – The WPOA offices remain closed to walk-in traffic.  Please send an email or call WPOA for assistance.  If we are unable to address your needs remotely, we will identify a time to meet one on one.

Approximately 12 WPOA employees are now EVOC (emergency vehicle operator certification) trained.  Our volunteer ambulance drivers play an incredibly important role in supporting the rescue squad.  These additional WPOA drivers will help “fill the bench” during this critical time.

WPOA Roads Maintenance, Landscaping and Facilities Operations continue to serve the community.  Our need to-do and want to-do lists are being scrutinized, along with how we approach the work.  Keeping our community functioning well and looking good is important.

The Ravens Roost Overlook renovation is underway.  If all goes well, we anticipate re-opening this overlook in early May.  Weather and COVID 19 could impact this project.  We will provide regular updates over the next few weeks.

The Tuckahoe School, Rodes Farm Tennis Courts and all playgrounds in our community remain closed. The length of closure will depend on the status of COVID 19 in our area, Executive Orders issued by Governor Northam, CDC, VDH, etc.   We’ll provide updates each week about the status of these facilities.

Pavement overlays on Black Walnut and Stoney Creek East are scheduled to begin in the next 2 weeks.  Once this work is complete the asphalt contractor will move to the mountain.  It has been almost 10 years since we completed an asphalt overlay on Wintergreen Drive.  The section from Fortunes Ridge all the way through to Laurel Springs will begin in a few weeks.  For those mountain residents who need to stock up on toilet paper and paper towels, doing so before April 20th might be a good idea.  The one lane road closure required to complete this work does produce delays and will certainly add some additional frustration.

Our resident bears are awake and not following any sort of shelter in place guidelines.  2 of our Fire/Rescue employee’s cars were broken into in the last week.  One because the doors were left unlocked and the other because the canvas soft top on his jeep would not support the weight of a full-grown bear…  Neither vehicle had food inside.  General knowledge and useful tips about bears can be found here:   If you would like to watch security video of the bear destroying a Jeep, head on over to Wintergreen Fire & Rescue’s Facebook page where they have posted for your viewing entertainment.

WPOA plans to remain open and serving the community through this crisis.  As our situation changes, we will adapt and keep owners informed.  If the peak for VA remains a few weeks away, additional restrictions on how we live, work and play could be headed our way.  Thanks in advance for your understanding and support of what we do.

From Chief Sheets

The number of confirmed Virginia cases has risen from 2000 last week to over 4300 today.  17% of Virginians testing positive have been hospitalized and 3% have died. We have at least four cases within Nelson County. Of those, one is at Wintergreen.  There are just under 100 cases in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area.  At this point, it appears as if Virginia is still 2-3 weeks from experiencing our peak.

PPE orders we placed weeks ago with our vendors are starting to arrive.  Additionally, the Commonwealth of Virginia has secured 30 million dollars’ worth of PPE from Asia.  Many of the homemade masks from the community now need to be directed towards our residents.

A great source of information is the website for Governor Northam.  It’s fortuitous that our Governor is also a Physician.  His updates are streamed live on the web and through most local news outlet websites.  They’re concise, factual, and generally helpful to but citizens and public safety officials.

A sincere thank you to all who have donated store-bought or hand-made masks, purchased meals for our staff, or simply taken the time to send an email or Facebook comment.  Our staff and volunteers gain strength by knowing they’re so genuinely supported.

If you plan to commute to your Wintergreen home this weekend, please note the Blue Ridge Parkway is now closed until the COVID challenge has passed.

“Here to Stay in Wintergreen” volunteers would like to remind everyone that if you’re not feeling up to grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, etc., they’re ready and willing to assist.  They can even help deliver food ordered from a local restaurant.  All you have to do is ask, and give them 24 hours advance notice.  Contact them at

The best overall clearing house for Coronavirus info remains

Last week I started the practice of ending on a positive note.  The Governor just signed an order allowing restaurants to sell mixed drinks as part of take-out orders.  That seems positive. Please drink responsibly.