COVID-19 Update 6 April 17, 2020

Wintergreen Owners:

To minimize emails to owners, these weekly updates include public safety updates as well as WPOA general updates.

From Executive Director Roberts:

Reminder – The WPOA offices remain closed to walk-in traffic.  Please send an email or call WPOA for assistance.  If we are unable to address your needs remotely, we will identify a time to meet in person.

WPOA employees continue training with Fire/Rescue personnel so WPOA can help during this difficult time.  Thanks again to our volunteer drivers who give up their time to serve others.

WPOA Roads Maintenance, Landscaping and Facilities Operations continue to serve the community.  Our need to-do and want to-do lists are being scrutinized, along with how we approach the work.  Keeping our community functioning well and looking good is important.

Blizzard Conditions – Winter made a return visit Tuesday night.   WPOA staff were called in and had most of the roads clear by the time the sun came up on Wednesday.  For many, the snow provided a welcome distraction from the normal quarantine routine.

The Ravens Roost Overlook renovation is underway.  Rain, wind and snow events are slowing this project down some.  We still expect this project to be complete in early May and will keep you updated on our progress.

The Tuckahoe School, Rodes Farm Tennis Courts and all playgrounds in our community will remain closed through the month of April.  Opening these facilities back up in May will depend on the status of COVID 19 in our area, Executive Orders issued by Governor Northam, CDC, VDOH, etc.   We will provide updates each week about the status of these facilities.

As of today, pavement overlays on Black Walnut Drive and Stoney Creek East are scheduled to begin the middle of next week.  Owners who live on the lower section of Black Walnut Drive and owners living along Stoney Creek East should be prepared for temporary lane closures, flaggers, and short delays.   Mountain residents will be impacted next.  Details on the timing and extent of the mountain paving project will be covered in our next weekly update.

Bear activity has not decreased since last weeks report.  Please remove sources of food like bird feeders and secure all trash.  We need to do everything we can to keep these animals wild.

WPOA plans to remain open and serving the community through this crisis.  If the COVID 19 peak for VA remains a few weeks away, additional restrictions on how we live, work and play could occur.  We will try our best to keep you informed and adjust our operations as needed.

Thanks again for your understanding and support of what we do.

From Chief Sheets

The number of confirmed Virginia cases has risen from 4300 last week to over 7100 today.  17% of Virginians testing positive have been hospitalized and 3% have died. We have at least five cases within Nelson County. Of those, one is at Wintergreen.

Clearly our curve is still climbing.  One Doctor can make a mistake however teams of Doctors almost never do.  Right now, the entire medical community overwhelming agrees that social distancing is required.  Even Dr. Seuss wouldn’t dare go to Whoville without a mask.

We have encountered a few patients lately who were gravely ill and should have called us much sooner.  People are afraid to access the healthcare system.  That’s completely understandable, however likely unfounded.  The hospitals are taking extreme measures to keep the spread of COVID in check within their facilities.  If you’re having difficulty breathing, or chest pains call 911.  If you think someone in your family may be having a stroke, call 911.  Paramedics are still not allowed to kidnap you.  We’re always happy to evaluate your condition and then make a recommendation.  If we recommend you travel via ambulance to a hospital and you don’t agree, you may sign an “informed refusal” and we will leave.  Our services at Wintergreen are free of charge.  There is no good reason to avoid calling.  Medical conditions are much like house fires.  If we arrive early when the fire is contained to one room, the chances of a positive outcome are high.  If we arrive late when the roof is collapsing a negative outcome is essentially guaranteed.

The Mountain Homesteaders and the Wintergreen Valley Association will be distributing masks to community residents today from 11 – 1 at the Lookout (tubing park) and the Tuckahoe Club House.  Masks are free.  Please use social distancing when you pick them up.  I wear a mask every time I go out in public.  It’s uncomfortable and I don’t like it, but I know it’s is necessary.

If you plan to commute to your Wintergreen home this weekend, please note the Blue Ridge Parkway remains closed until the COVID challenge has passed.

A great website  to keep you up to date can be found at  This is a slightly different site than the one I have previously recommended.

We miss seeing everyone.  This is the time of year when we show up at the Farmer’s Market or just park equipment out front on warm days so visiting grandkids can crawl in and have fun.  Our community CPR classes, Healthy EKG visits and so many other things have been suspended.  We’re not saying good-bye, but rather we’re promising to see you later.

Stay safe.