Road Maintenance

WPOA is aware that gravel build-up along the mountain’s sloped roadways can in some instances lead to less than ideal drainage. The WPOA staff is constantly investigating alternatives to paving and the use of winter road treatments which may contribute to the poor drainage situation. Unfortunately there is not, at present, a miracle cure. However, our team works very hard to prevent and counteract the problem and is effective in all but the most severe circumstances.

As a property owner, you can help the staff, the community, and yourself by monitoring your roadway property via the related diagrams (found below). Any efforts that you make to prevent build-up/promote proper drainage will free the staff to undertake more permanent fixes and as a result, keep the WPOA dues lower. If you need further assistance, or would like to arrange personal guidance for your particular property, please contact David Thomas at (434)325-8528.

Other activities that would help include: paving gravel driveways, keeping any ditch or culvert free of leaves/debris/gravel or sediment, mowing along the right-of-way, planting a ground cover along any bare banks to prevent sediment erosion into the drainage system. If you have had repeated problems with your drive, culvert or other drainage please feel free to contact our staff. The WPOA staff would be happy to assist you by providing ideas and suggestions, or in some cases by partnering in the execution of a solution.

The WPOA greatly appreciates any efforts you are able to make. Having the drainage system working at the optimum level is everyone’s goal. Such performance prevents property damage downstream, maintains water quality in our roadways, recharges our precious groundwater supply, and maintains a higher aesthetic for the entire community. Your efforts will help ensure that the staff of WPOA can meet the challenges of more severe weather events.

Drainage Diagrams

Diagram 1 (Problem)
Diagram 2 (Solution)