Snow Driving Tips

Due to the elevation of the Wintergreen mountain community (3850 ft.), consideration should be given to the weather prior to your visit to Wintergreen. The following should be considered during the winter season from December 1 to March 20 each year.

1) Carefully listen to weather forecasts before planning your trip to Wintergreen.

2) Pre-arrange for a private contractor to plow your driveway if needed. We can provide names of companies in that business if you call our office in advance.

3) Have a snow shovel and other appropriate supplies at your Wintergreen home. Local supplies can become very scarce during a storm assuming you can get to a store.

4) We advise four-wheel drive vehicles or chains to ensure maximum safety during snowy travel.

5) Please expect that for the duration of plowing, snow will be bermed at the entrance of your driveway. When plowing ends we have endeavored to clear these entrances during final clean-up.

6) Do not hesitate to call the gatehouse for medical (911) or similar emergencies. In such a case all resources are directed and reassigned for a timely response.

7) Snowfall in the Blue Ridge is truly beautiful and can best be enjoyed by being prepared.

Snow Covered Road Snow Covered Road