Update on Aqua Virginia’s Request to Raise Water/Waste Water Rates for WTG Stoney Creek Customers: 3/22/18

Currently, over 400 protests from Aqua Wintergreen customers have been filed with the State Corporation Commission (SCC) in Richmond and additional protest letters are trickling in and will also be filed with the SCC.  There are 600 properties that could be hooked up to the Aqua system so we now have protests from approximately 2/3 of these properties.  Our goal is to get as close as we can to 100% participation in submitting protests.  The more protests from Wintergreen that are received by the SCC the more likely they will pay attention to us and our arguments to not be included in the rates increase.

Currently the attorneys and consultants for the communities involved in this case as well as the SCC staff are filing their analysis of the case  and their arguments for and against Aqua’s request..  OnApril 3rd Aqua will be filing rebuttals to all Respondent filings and April 17th is the last day for customer protests and comment filings.  The public hearing in Richmond regarding this case will be held onApril 24th at 10 AM in the SCC’s Courtroom, Second floor, Tyler Building, 1300 East Main Street, Richmond.

Hank and Bruce will attend the public hearing and have requested time to speak and present Wintergreen’s case..  We will file our presentations for the record and when we do we will also post our draft comments on the WPOA web site.

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