COVID-19 Update 2 March 19, 2020

Wintergreen Owners:

To minimize emails to owners, these weekly updates will now include public safety updates as well as WPOA general updates.

From Executive Director Roberts:

Like almost every business in the world, WPOA is re-evaluating how we work, how we serve our owners and what we need to do to keep our employees and community healthy. To this end, we are allowing many of our administrative positions to work from home and adjusting work schedules and duties accordingly. For now, the Community Offices Building (COB) will be closed to walk-in traffic. Owners who need assistance need to contact WPOA either by email or telephone so we can help. If we are unable to handle your request electronically or by mail, we will schedule a time to meet one on one. For those employees working remotely, their individual phone extensions are being monitored during the workday. If you leave us a voicemail, employees are alerted via email.

Daily work activity within the maintenance operations of WPOA are being evaluated. We are splitting work crews into smaller groups, work shifts are being adjusted to allow crews to arrive at staggered intervals, greatly reducing individual interaction. Whenever possible Trucks and other pieces of equipment are being assigned to individual employees and equipment that must be shared is being cleaned appropriately.

To support other operations, we are cross training staff members so we can use them to fill gaps operationally. Maintenance employees are being cross-trained to support Fire/Rescue operations, drive ambulances and other equipment if needed.

We are further limiting our exposure by conducting meetings electronically whenever possible. This includes Board Committees, staff meetings, etc. For the ARB, project plans are being shared electronically with discussion and voting handled via email or conference call.

All operations are being reminded of the need for social distancing when dealing with guests, owners and co-workers. Example – Police Officers are being asked to avoid the gatehouse dispatch space and function independently within the main building. This small adjustment operationally greatly reduces the chances of spreading the virus among staff and disrupting 2 segments of our operation.

Wintergreen Resort has also had to modify much of their operations, however much remains unchanged. We will begin posting “This Week at Wintergreen” on our WPOA website to assist you in determining what Resort changes may affect you.

Successfully navigating our current situation is going to require sacrifice, patience, understanding and flexibility from all involved. Normal is now upside down and we are all in it together.

From Chief Sheets

Although structure fires are frightening, you always know what the worst outcome could be. Forest fires on the other hand are much worse because they’re unpredictable by nature and the end result is never apparent. COVID19 is the wildfire we can’t see.

Our staff are experiencing a very high level of anxiety. I know this because they aren’t talking about it. When you live in a firehouse for decades you learn how to take the collective pulse.

The number of confirmed Virginia cases has risen from 30 last week to nearly 100 today. The closest cases are in Charlottesville. 20% of Virginians testing positive have been hospitalized and 2% have died. There have been no substantive changes to public safety operations at Wintergreen since Update 1.

Currently, our biggest concern is protective equipment shortages. People have asked “why don’t you keep this stuff on hand?” That’s a fair question. PPE is very expensive, has expiration dates, and is rarely used. In 2009 during the H191 scare the federal government pushed out supplies in a very timely manner. In 2014 during the Ebola scare we experienced the same timely delivery of product. I feel it was reasonable to “assume” future issues would be handled in the same way. We have received no equipment for this event, and we’re told that we won’t receive any supplies for months. I promise that in the future we will be better prepared.

The federal government is calling upon any private citizens or contractors who have N95 masks to donate them to your local hospital. If you have any, I ask that you consider donating them to us. We currently have enough to last approximately 3 weeks.

There are several volunteers ready to assist community residents needing assistance with minor tasks. Specifically, they will:

· Pick up and drop off groceries on your doorstep.

· Pick up and deliver food from local restaurants.

· Pick up and drop off medication. (to the extent allowed by pharmacy)

· Take trash to the dump.

· Pick up or drop off mail/packages.

· “Virtual checking in” if requested.

· “Virtual buddy” should you just need to talk.

To utilize these services, you may contact:

Here to stay Wintergreen at

Happy to Help Wintergreen at

The best overall clearing house for Coronavirus info remains