WPOA Annual Meeting Update- November 6, 2020

Wintergreen Owners,

Tomorrows Annual Meeting will follow a similar “live stream” format used for previous meeting.  The one big exception will be the lack of an audience and all presenters looking into a camera.  In addition, all questions typically asked from the floor will be submitted via email.  A staff member will be monitoring the email inbox and we will answer these as they come in.  Once the meeting is complete, the AV company will begin work replacing the live stream with a recording of the meeting.  For those owners who are unable to watch the event live, you should be able to watch a recorded version at your leisure.


The WPOA portion of the meeting will begin at 9am and will conclude at approximately 10:30am.  There will be a brief intermission before the community group portion of the meeting begins.  The resort is expected to present from 10:30am until approximately 11am.  Friends of Wintergreen, Nature Foundation and Wintergreen Music will follow the resort presentation and each group is expected to present for approximately 10 minutes.  Allowing for brief intermissions, the entire meeting should conclude before Noon.


If you have a question for WPOA, please email us at admin@wtgpoa.org and we will be happy to provide an answer.


For those owners who are new to Wintergreen or are unfamiliar with accessing the event online, here is a link to the 2019 event.  www.wtgpoa.org/watch-the-2019-wpoa-annual-meeting/


Thanks for your support!