WPOA Operational Update- August 21, 2020

Wintergreen Owners,

Executive Director Roberts is enjoying a well-deserved week away with his family. I am preparing the weekly update in his absence.

Very little has changed since last week. Literally you can simply look at the previous post and all items still apply.

This is a very scary time to be a bear at Wintergreen. The number of human/bear interactions is entirely too high and sadly that never ends well for the bears. Please consult the previous updates and follow the suggestions regarding bears. We are guests in their home and we all share a responsibility to co-exist.

The number of COVID19 cases in Nelson County have risen significantly over the past week, however the past few days have not added any cases. Let’s hope we are turning the corner. The most recent cases are in Nellysford, however not within Wintergreen. Masks, good hygiene, and social distancing are your best defense. WPOA will continue to track trends closely, monitor the Governor’s executive orders, and make necessary adjustments. Thank you for helping your neighbors and our staff weather this storm as safely as possible.

Wintergreen Resort has released a proposal regarding the creation of a resource for parents, grandparents, and associates seeking a solution for continued safe learning for their children during the Coronavirus pandemic. There is a tight timeline for your response if you may have interest in this program.

Please visit: https://www.wtgpoa.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/WintergreenCoronaSchoolLetter.pdf.

The proposal is also posted beneath this message in the “Latest News” section.

We’re experiencing a healthy amount of real estate transactions at Wintergreen and with this comes many new owners. Welcome to the neighborhood! New owners frequently have many questions. There’s no shortage of online chat logs these days. Some of the blogs are general in nature and others are a bit more specific. These forums are very helpful as people try to find reputable contractors, share resources, ask for advice, etc. Please always remember that no official information from WPOA will flow through one of these BLOGs or Facebook pages. WPOA communicates via U.S. Mail, our official website, and/or the Alert Wintergreen mass-messaging system. You should also never try to communicate with WPOA by leaving posts on these BLOGs. We want to make sure we respond to constituent requests as quickly as possible and that can best be accomplished by direct emails or phone calls. www.wtgpoa.org, or 434-325-8530.

“Our Wintergreen” (www.ourwintergreen.org) is a reliable source of information. Our Wintergreen is pulling posts from all aspects of Wintergreen and consolidating them in one place with an easy to navigate dashboard. If you’re on the go and time is scarce, Our Wintergreen is a great way to track the highlights of the entire community.

In closing, here is a fun fact; within 60 days WPOA will need to suit-up trucks for snow removal. In many ways it seems as if 2020 hasn’t really gotten started. Blink, and it will be gone. Together we will keep moving forward.

Stay safe,

Curtis Sheets