WPOA Operational Update- July 3, 2020

Wintergreen Owners,

We are now in Phase 3 of the re-opening plan.  A link to the Phase 3 guidance can be found here:


Tuckahoe Clubhouse – Tuckahoe is now open with restrictions.  If you have an interest in holding an event at Tuckahoe , please contact WPOA for details.  Individuals and Groups wanting to use the facility need to present operating plans to WPOA that address the concerns and comply with the requirements outlined in Phase 3.

Swimming Pools – The Rodes Farm and Chestnut Springs Pools are open with restrictions in place that satisfy the Phase 3 requirements.  Owners wanting to use these facilities are encouraged to read the pool operating plan posted on the WPOA website along with frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).  Please visit  https://www.wtgpoa.org/2020-wpoa-pool-operating-plan-phase-3/ for details. A copy of the current pool rules can be found here: https://www.wtgpoa.org/wpoa-phase-3-pool-rules/

The first few days have gone OK with both staff and owners getting used to the new normal.  Most owners have shared their support for our efforts and understand that the plan will likely be “tweaked” in the coming weeks.  Owners are reminded to bring pool passes and that access is restricted to owners, dependent kids and only 2 accompanied guests per household.  Reservations thus far suggest the weekend swim sessions will be sold out, forcing some owners to swim at a later date.  Next weeks update will provide a re-cap of our first week.

As I mentioned last week, the last question in the FAQ is very important.

How can owners support the effort?

Opening a pool facility in May provides 2-3 weeks of very light use while the operational bugs get worked out.  Opening a pool facility 3 days before the July 4th holiday with a long list of new procedures is going to be tough.  Please follow the rules and be patient as we work through unexpected issues.  Please arrive and depart promptly so we can clean the facility and get ready for the next group.  Last but not least, please be courteous and support the pool staff. 


Many types of fireworks (including firecrackers, bottle rockets, skyrockets, torpedoes and other fireworks that explode, travel laterally, rise into the air, or fire projectiles into the air) are illegal in Virginia unless you are a licensed contractor with an approved permit.  All types of fireworks are prohibited in multi-unit dwellings (condos).  Please respect the law and do not set off fireworks this weekend.  This is a heavily forested community and the risk of fire is a real concern.

Older News Worth Repeating:

Owners are reminded that the resort golf courses are now open and play is increasing.  Walking or bike riding on cart paths is prohibited during golf operating hours (typically 8am-6pm).  Non golf use of these paths disrupts play and can pose a serious risk from being hit by a golf ball.

The resort continues a gradual re-opening with recreation and dining opportunities available each week.  This is great news.  Owners are encouraged to visit www.wintergreenresort.com for details.  Club members are reminded to please bring your member pass when visiting resort amenities.

Rainy weather is impacting paving, line painting and surface treatment work.  Please use caution on roads recently improved and use caution while work is underway.

The WPOA offices remain closed to walk-in traffic.  Please send an email or call WPOA for assistance.

More and more owners and guests are out and about.  Please observe the speed limits and drive with care.

The tennis court at Rodes Farm is currently open for Tennis and Pickleball.  Players are reminded that COVID 19 remains a serious health risk.  Please adhere to the rules posted and use the sign-up sheets (located in the pavilion) to help facilitate play.

Both community playgrounds are open.  Parents are reminded of the serious risks associated with COVID 19.  Please follow the rules posted at both locations and take extra precautions.

Fishing – lakes and ponds within our community are private.  To help identify you as an owner, please contact WPOA to request a pass.  We can send one via mail or leave it for you to pick-up.  Vehicle access is restricted, owners need to park on the street and walk in.

Dog Walking – The WPOA Covenants require all dogs to be on a leash or “under the control of a responsible person and obedient to that person’s command at any time they are permitted outside…”.  The use of words “control” and “obedient” in the rules suggests a dog off leash should respond immediately and avoid an unwelcomed encounter with another owner or their animal.

Thanks again for your understanding and support.