WPOA Operational Update- June 12, 2020

Wintergreen Owners,

Operationally, the week ahead looks the same as the current week.  Phase 2 restrictions remain in place and Phase 3 is likely 2 weeks away.  For those owners who missed last weeks update or want a refresher, the information is included in the “Re-Cap” section below.

Looking ahead, Phase 3 is likely to trigger a couple of significant changes.  While it will not be business as usual, it should be an improvement from where we are today.

The resort begins a gradual re-opening tomorrow with additional recreation and dining opportunities available.  This is great news.  Owners are encouraged to visit www.wintergreenresort.com for details.  Club members are reminded to please bring your member pass when visiting resort amenities.

Adams Construction is suggesting the paving of Wintergreen Drive and finishing Black Rock Overlook will likely be postponed until after July 4th.  Shoulder stone is complete along Devils Knob Loop and Black Rock Circle and line painting will be completed as weather permits.

Surface treatment is underway on the upper parts of Black Walnut in Stoney Creek.  This work will continue for a few more days.  Once complete, the contractor will move to the mountain.  Reminder – to be most effective, the surface treatment process requires the lose stone to remain on the roadway for approximately 2 weeks.  This 2-week period allows more stone to penetrate the asphalt emulsion and gives the mixture time to bond fully.  Once the 2-week period is over, WPOA will be back with a sweeper.

Re-cap from last weeks update:

The WPOA offices remain closed to walk-in traffic.  Please send an email or call WPOA for assistance.

More and more owners and guests are out and about.  Please observe the speed limits and drive with care.

The tennis court at Rodes Farm is currently open for Tennis and Pickleball.  Players are reminded that COVID 19 remains a serious health risk.  Please adhere to the rules posted and use the sign-up sheets (located in the pavilion) to help facilitate play.

Fishing – lakes and ponds within our community are private.  To help identify you as an owner, please contact WPOA to request a pass.  We can send one via mail or leave it for you to pick-up.  Vehicle access is restricted, owners need to park on the street and walk in.

Dog Walking – The WPOA Covenants require all dogs to be on a leash or “under the control of a responsible person and obedient to that person’s command at any time they are permitted outside…”.  The use of words “control” and “obedient” in the rules suggests a dog off leash should respond immediately and avoid an unwelcomed encounter with another owner or their animal.

Police Related:

Recent events suggest every law enforcement agency should revisit policies, procedures, training and examine departmental culture.  Our agency is not immune.  Being the best requires open and honest dialog, transparency, and constant improvement.

Bears continue opening vehicles, including vehicles with no food source inside.  The dramatic increase in police reports suggests something is different this year from previous years.  We believe hand sanitizer is the likely culprit.  Bears have a very powerful sense of smell and the use of hand sanitizer (often floral) has increased dramatically.  Hand sanitizer is being kept in most vehicles with the residue remaining on steering wheels and other surfaces both inside and out.  The failure to lock your vehicle could result in expensive repairs and is helping train our bears to misbehave.  Problem bears are not rehabilitated, they are trapped and euthanized.

COVID 19 Related:

We are now in phase 2 of the re-opening plan.  To learn more about Phase 2, please visit:   https://www.governor.virginia.gov/media/governorvirginiagov/governor-of-virginia/pdf/Virginia-Forward-Phase-Two-Guidelines.pdf  or you can find the document at www.wtgpoa.org

The Tuckahoe Clubhouse remains closed during Phase 2 of restrictions.   We are reviewing the Phase 2 requirements and developing operational plans based on the information we have.  Our goal is to be able to react quickly should this facility re-open during Phase 3.  Phase 1 lasted approximately 3 weeks, suggesting Phase 3 might begin near the end of June.

Community playgrounds remain closed.  While some outdoor facilities are starting to open slowly, communities are struggling with ways to keep kids and families safe when using shared playground equipment.  Kids can transmit the virus without showing symptoms, they struggle with social distancing, touch everything and everyone and the equipment is very difficult to clean.

WPOA pools will remain closed during Phase 2.  See page 23 of the link attached for the current Phase 2 swimming pool restrictions.  Like Tuckahoe, we are using the information provided during Phase 1 & 2 to predict what restrictions will be in place during Phase 3.  If pools can operate for leisure/recreational use, the restrictions will be significant.  To meet the guidelines, we anticipate restricting numbers of persons in the pool area, limiting guest access, operating the pools in “sessions” to allow for facility cleaning between uses, removing shared furniture (bring your own chair), etc.  As I mentioned in the 5/29 update – These challenges have caused many public and private pool and lake facilities to stay closed for the season.  Rather than throw in the towel, WPOA is preparing for pools to open in a few weeks, while developing operating scenarios that might fit, yet to be published, VDOH guidelines.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we work through this challenge.

Thanks again for your understanding and support.