WPOA Operational Update- October 16, 2020

Wintergreen Owners,

COVID-19 remains a big worry for us operationally and limiting traffic in and out of the admin building is one way we can reduce the risk.  Please contact us for assistance and we will try and help.  If we are unable to help via email or over the phone, we will identify a time to meet with you in person.  Thanks for your understanding.

The documents outlining the upcoming annual meeting should have arrived by now.  Please contact WPOA if you have not received these documents or you can view the information here https://www.wtgpoa.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/2020-Annual-Mailing-New-1.pdf .  With this years annual meeting being held completely virtual, owners are reminded to submit questions in advance directly to WPOA so we can provide answers.

Annual Meeting Update:

Owners will be able to watch the WPOA presentation live or the recorded version at their leisure.  Both will be accessed by visiting the www.wtgpoa.org website.

We are meeting with the community groups to try and determine the best way for them to share information with owners.  Some have elected to pre-record presentations, and these will be available via links on the WPOA website.  Others are discussing trying to utilize the live stream format.  As we get closer to the date, we will provide more details.

The Q&A portion of the meeting is still under discussion.  For many owners, use of online meeting platforms is a piece of cake.  You can zoom, go to meeting, share your screens, and know where and how to use the “mute” button.  For other owners, this technology can be a significant challenge.  Our goal is to include everyone and that requires choosing the least complicated approach available.  While we are still considering our options, the easiest way for us to receive your question and provide an answer during the Q&A is for owners to simply send the question via email and we will monitor the account.  While this is not as cool as using a service that can provide “live chat” capabilities, even our most technologically challenged owners can participate in the email approach.

Much cooler temps expected this weekend, owners are encouraged to get out and enjoy the Fall color!