WPOA Operational Update- October 9, 2020

Wintergreen Owners,

COVID-19 remains a big worry for us operationally and limiting traffic in and out of the admin building is one way we can reduce the risk.  Please contact us for assistance and we will try and help.  If we are unable to help via email or over the phone, we will identify a time to meet with you in person.  Thanks for your understanding.

The SECOND snow plow truck is in the shop getting suited up.  Winter is right around the corner..

Adams returned to finish asphalt work at the Black Rock Overlook and Community Offices Building.  The bulk of our asphalt work is now complete.  Next Spring we will overlay Wintergreen Drive and possibly more.  Blue Ridge Drive past High Ridge Place (condo row) is another possibility along with a significant portion of Laurel Springs Drive.

Over the next several months and as the weather allows, we will be making surface improvements to some of the walking paths in Stoney Creek and on the mountain.  How much we are able to accomplish will depend on weather and how far we can stretch our budget.  Our walking path and hiking path network is one of our most popular assets.

Leaf season is upon us, please be on the lookout for both slow moving vehicles and WPOA staff keeping road edges and ditches clean.  Tree crews will be out soon trimming back road edges and chipping up material.  Please use caution when out and about.

COVID Update:

We have all heard for months that our Covid-19 challenges will be more significant when the weather changes, and people move indoors. I don’t believe the weather is a driving factor yet, however something has clearly changed over the past week. Three of our staff were quarantined this week awaiting test results. This is the first time we have dealt with multiple staff out concurrently related to Covid-19.

We also have at least one positive case within Wintergreen. Fortunately, the patient remains asymptomatic.  Contact tracing is ongoing. The current Nelson County case count is 111 with 2 deaths.  Statewide there have been 154,000 cases with 3,303 deaths.  Nationally there are 7.6 million patients with over 212,000 deaths.

We should assume Covid-19 is everywhere and protect ourselves accordingly. This week the City of Waynesboro, the City of Staunton, and the County of Augusta court systems were all closed due to outbreaks. The Governor and First Lady of Virginia who by all accounts were fairly diligent about precautionary measures are both suffering from Covid-19.  We have seen on the national news just how quickly Covid-19 can move within groups, especially when basic protective measures are not taken. 34 members of the White House staff are now Covid-19 positive after a super-spreader event.  Certainly, we wish all those affected by the local, state, and federal examples outlined above a full and speedy recovery.  They are proof that this disease does not discriminate.

Do I think we need to alter any of our protocols within our Wintergreen community? I don’t. We do need to recommit to protective measures.

Our anxiety level goes up whenever we feel out of control.  Make no mistake, we have a ton of control.  Through wearing masks, washing our hands, and avoiding groups, etc. our chances of contracting Covid-19 reduce to a number very near zero.

Our staff will monitor cases closely and if we start to see spikes, we will certainly communicate quickly.

Curtis N. Sheets, MPA

Chief of Wintergreen Fire & Rescue