WPOA Operational Update- September 11, 2020

Wintergreen Owners:

We remain in Phase 3 of the re-opening plan.  A link to the Phase 3 guidance and recent Executive Orders can be found here:  https://www.virginia.gov/coronavirus/

Owners are reminded to use caution, wear face coverings, social distance and wash hands frequently.

Mullens Markings (roadway paint contractor) is expected onsite next week to complete work on the mountain.  Work will include re-striping roads, crosswalks, and golf cart crossings.  Please be alert and drive slowly.

Most of the storm cleanup is complete, we only have a few spots left to address.  In the next few weeks, this crew will transition to work on repairing road shoulders, adding stone, etc.

Parking area improvements at the Founders Vision Overlook remain on the list for later this month.  If the schedule holds together, this overlook will be closed during the last 2 weeks of September.  Founders Vision Overlook is a very popular spot, especially during leaf season.  Our goal is to complete the work and have it back open quickly.  The mountain temperatures fluctuate wildly during the month of November; so therefore, trying to do the work after leaf season would be much more difficult.  If we miss our opportunity later this month, we will complete these improvements in the Spring.

Before the end of the month, notice for the Annual Meeting will go out in the mail with additional information posted on our website.  Due to COVID, we are planning to hold this years WPOA Annual Meeting virtually.  Conducting a virtual meeting with the potential for over 3,000 property owner participants is an interesting exercise.  The lack of an election this year is a big plus, greatly reducing the complexity of the challenge ahead.  As the plan for the meeting comes together, we will pass along additional information.

The Dunlop Public Safety Plaza is being dedicated today September 11, 2020, at the Tuckahoe Clubhouse.  A special thank you to all who contribute to the success of our Public Safety Operations.  Because of dedicated volunteers, career staff and generous supporters, Wintergreen Fire, Rescue, and Police are a huge part of our community’s success.  Thank You!

Important Reminders: 

Resort Operations – The Wintergreen Weekly is a great way to stay informed about resort offerings and plan onsite activities.  It can be found here: https://www.wintergreenresort.com/uploadedFiles/Activities/twaw.pdf

The Resort is actively hiring for the upcoming Winter season.  Details can be found on the WPOA website under latest news or visit :  https://www.wintergreenresort.com/virtual-job-fairs/

Friends of Wintergreen is sponsoring a new service for property owners.  Details can be found on the WPOA website under latest news or visit:  www.favoriteplace.com

The Wintergreen Police Department is responding to bear entries daily and the level of activity warrants concern.  All owners are encouraged to secure sources of food because bears cannot be relocated to a new home.  For owners that rent their properties, it is critically important that you educate guests about ways to avoid bear encounters and keep them wild.  Doors and windows left open that are accessible from the ground or a deck provide easy access for a bear.  For additional information please visit: https://dwr.virginia.gov/wildlife/bear/living-with-black-bears/