WPOA Operational Update- September 25, 2020

Wintergreen Owners:

Very little to report this week.

We remain in Phase 3 of the re-opening plan.  A link to the Phase 3 guidance and recent Executive Orders can be found here:  https://www.virginia.gov/coronavirus/

Owners are reminded to use caution, wear face coverings, social distance and wash hands frequently.

Road Related:  Mullins Markings was onsite much of this week painting roads.  Once complete, Mullens will move on to crosswalks, cart crossings and directional arrows.  Please follow road work related signage and use caution.

Acorns are beginning to fall, providing a new food source for our bear friends.  While bear activity is still high, acorns are providing much needed relief.  Please lock doors, secure trash, etc.

In most places, bears wander the forest foraging for acorns and other sources of food.  Foraging requires extra work, digging and rooting around to locate these yummy treats.  Wintergreen bears are smarter than the average bear.  Why forage when you can walk down the middle of the street slurping up acorns one at a time.  See one, slurp.  And another, slurp.  In this video, mother bear and her 2 cubs work slow and steady clearing our road of acorn litter.  None of the 3 had any concern for the WPOA truck trying to get by.  Enjoy the video below. 

Yet another reason why we need to observe the 25mph speed limit and remain alert for people out walking, riding bikes and our acorn clean-up crew….

The annual meeting mailing will go out next week and will be posted to our website at www.wtgpoa.org.  As we get closer to the actual meeting date, we will share additional details on how to watch the presentations via live stream, etc.