Association Policies


Wintergreen Property Owners Association has noticed Bear activity on the rise entering Spring of 2020. We have numerous reports of Nuisance behavior by bears entering cars and have determined that hand sanitizer is a main attractant. Please use caution if you leave anything in your vehicle that has a scent. Nuisance behavior is brought about by having access to non-natural food sources. This trained behavior, to visit open dumpsters, bird feeders, garbage left in non-bear proof containers and unlocked vehicles with food sources in them will lead to the removal and euthanization of our black bear population.

To prevent training of bears and these types of bad behavior, the Wintergreen Property Owners Association Director and staff with the support and advise of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is hereby reminding everyone that bird feeding with seed feeders, suet feeders, or nectar feeders is intentionally feeding bears. Such actions are a violation of WPOA policy as well as Virginia Law (4VAC 15-40-282) and can result in you receiving a citation by area game wardens. To protect our bears from harm and to protect your property, please adhere to the following:

1) No bird feeding of any kind from April 1st to December 1st
2) No outside garbage unless it is stored in a bear proof container

We all want to share our part of the forest with our natural neighbors. Please help keep them and your property safe by exercising these simple measures.

VA DGIF Information

Living with black bears in Virginia link



All property owners are welcome to fish the various lakes in Stoney Creek and Rodes Farm. Guests are also permitted when accompanied by the property owner. As in other waters of the Commonwealth, a fishing license is required.

The stream that flows within the boundaries of Wintergreen in Stoney Creek is owned by the Wintergreen Community, and for Wintergreen property owners there is no charge for fishing. The stream is limited to fly fishing only with barbless hooks and is a catch and release area. The parking area is at the end of Old Stoney Creek Rd. (VA-751) just off of Route 151. Park to the side of the gate. Your Wintergreen decal needs to be visible on your vehicle. Day visitors and guest of property owners may obtain a one-day $20.00 pass at either the Nature Foundation on the mountain (Tuesday-Saturday) or the Community Offices Building located across from the Police Department as you enter onto Wintergreen Drive (Monday-Friday).

Fishing in both the lakes and Stoney Creek are reported to be excellent.


WPOA has two landing zones for helicopter use. The mountain zone is a large paved pad located on Laurel Springs Drive, and the valley zone is a large open grass field located on Monocan Drive. Primarily, these zones are used for emergency medical purposes. Additionally, utility work such as power line maintenance and gypsy moth spraying are coordinated from these sites. From time to time, government officials may commute to Wintergreen via helicopter and therefore use these landing zones.

Use of these zones by private helicopters is permitted, yet discouraged. The preferred landing zone for private helicopter operations is Monocan Drive. The Laurel Springs landing zone may be used if Monocan Drive is unavailable. Overnight tie-downs are not permitted on Monocan Drive or Laurel Springs for private helicopters.

Prior to granting permission for a private helicopter to land at Wintergreen, the Chief of Fire & Rescue, or his designee must approve the landing using the following criteria:

  1. If the private helicopter landing request is related to Resort business, attempt to utilize a WPLLC. landing zone rather than a WPOA zone.
  2. Verify that the pilot is a licensed commercial pilot with at least 1,500 hours of experience.
  3. Obtain the tail-number for the aircraft and verify that it is not licensed as experimental.
  4. Exchange emails with the pilot which include satellite photos of our zones, coordinates, hazards, visual cues, etc.
  5. Exchange cell phone contact information with the pilot and advise him/her to call when lifting with an estimated arrival time.
  6. Visit the site days ahead of the scheduled landing as well as hours ahead of the landing to make sure it is free of hazards such as staged building supplies, equipment, etc.
  7. Notify the Wintergreen Fire & Rescue Shift Captain of the pending arrival.
  8. When possible, stage a fire engine at the landing zone for the arrival.


Property Owners owning motorcycles that have a properly affixed vehicle decal may operate their motorcycles through the gate to and from their residences ONLY. Guests of property owners, guests of the resort and all others are not allowed to operate motorcycles on the mountain and may park them at the Community Office Building during their stay. Owners and all other persons operating a motorcycle are required to use the left entrance lane and check-in with the officer at the gate.


No “For Sale” signs will be approved or permitted within the master plan boundaries.

Open House signs shall be permitted as follows:

1. One Open House sign complete with company logo, will be permitted at each open house.
2. Small (6in X 18in) generic directional signs will be permitted to direct the public to Open House locations. No more than two per intersection will be allowed.
3. Both types of signs will be erected and removed the day of the Open House.
4. By definition, an Open House shall be conducted by a licensed real estate agent, or absent a listing or listings agreement, the owner of the property.
5. Violations of the above policy can result in the denial of approvals for offending agencies.